Need to know baking hacks

If you've ever been  midway through a recipe before realising you're missing what appears to be a crucial ingredient or utensil then here's the Mumsnet 'don't panic!' guide on what to do next. 

    Don't have self-raising flour? Mumsnet to the rescue

    "According to my tub of baking powder, add 4 level tsps of baking powder to each 8oz of flour."

    "If you look on the instructions on the side of your baking powder tin (if it has instructions) you should find the correct ratio - it all depends on what type of cake/scone you are baking."


    Run out of beans or pulses for blind baking?

    "Line it with tin foil or baking parchment and then use rice."

    But beware....

    "It works as long as you remember the lining of paper, otherwise you spend half an hour picking out grains of rice embedded in your base and trying to convince the kids that 'yes there are supposed to be crunchy bits in the pastry bottom.'"

    "Heston scrunches up baking parchment and then flattens it out inside the case and then uses copper coins on the basis they conduct the heat better."

    No golden syrup in the house?

    "Try making up the shortfall with runny honey, corn syrup, agave nectar or maple syrup. Or caster sugar?"

    "Light muscovado works just as well - and even better if you blitz it in the food processor first."


    Got all the ingredients for a cake but no eggs?

    You could make scones

    How about fork biscuits?

    Or egg-free banana muffins?

    Have a plain sponge recipe you need adjusting to make a chocolate cake?

    "Weigh out the flour. Take two tablespoons out, and replace with two tablespoons of cocoa."

    Just plain run out of time?

    Put an end to hours of steaming sponge puddings or drying out meringues with these classic, but exceptionally speedy, Mumsnet recipes...

         Microwave meringue         Three-minute sponge pudding



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