8 steps to turning out perfect scones

"My Mum makes scones like rock cakes" wailed one Mumsnetter who took to our Cakes and Bakes board to solicit advice on how to bake her own scones that were soft and light. Turns out it's easy if you know how.

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    1. As you might imagine, it begins with having the right ingredients


    "You need to use milk that is slightly sour so leave it out overnight."


    2. ...in the right proportions

    butter and flour

     "Use a quarter fat to flour." 


    3. On no account should you faff around with the mixture too much

    scones mixture


    "Cold hands and don't handle the dough too much or for too long."

    "Just compress the batter together. Certainly don't knead it."


    4. Because you want the dough to be just right

    scone dough

    "The dough will be lighter and rise better if it is wet and sticky."


    5. Thickness is key

    scones cutting out

    "Roll out the dough so it's exactly the same depth as your cutter."

    "At most the scones will double in size so roll the dough to approx 2.5cm thickness."


    6. As is how you cut them out

    scones cutting out

    "Do not twist the cutter as it seals edges and stops them rising."

    7. A topping tip for sweet scones


    "Dip the top in egg and then sugar for a yummy crunch.."


    8. And when baking...

    scones baking

    "Put them close together on the baking tray because 'scones like company'. My granny's top scone tip."

    "I read a tip about baking them in a deep tray rather than a flat baking sheet, and when I tried it they definitely turned out softer."


    Et voila! Perfect scones every time

    baked scones



Last updated: almost 3 years ago