Bored by salad? Five recipes to change your mind

Does the word 'salad' conjure images of limp lettuce straight from the bag? If you're bored to tears with iceberg lettuce, these five gorgeous salads might convince you to change your repertoire.

Courgette and fennel salad

If you've never tried adding fresh fennel to your salads before, this zingy dish is a great place to start. It's marinaded in lemon and olive oil, and the liquorice flavour of the fennel contrasts nicely with the thinly-sliced courgette. 


Halloumi and chickpea salad

Halloumi is a favourite for summer barbecues, but you can also try putting it with chickpeas, sundried tomatoes and parsley for a tasty and satisfying mid-week dinner. Try and use good quality olive oil to really bring out the flavours.

Warm Tuscan rustic salad

This gorgeous Tuscan salad uses crusty bread soaked in a tangy dressing made from lemon and chilli, as well as cucumber, tomato and a generous splodge of Greek yoghurt. Let it sit for 20 minutes before serving to let the flavours combine.

Butternut squash, parma ham and rocket salad


While butternut squash is traditionally eaten in the autumn, it's a lovely bright addition to a salad, and is sturdy enough to withstand being brought to picnics. The addition of rocket and parma ham makes it a substantial meal.

 Asian duck salad

Soy sauce, mint, crunchy cashew nuts and succulent sliced duck breast combine to make this fresher-than-fresh Asian duck salad. Plus, it's super low carb. 


Last updated: over 3 years ago