21 lentil recipes that are really quite nice actually

We've got 21 brilliant things you can do with a bag of lentils to help make penny-pinching that bit tastier.


1. Puy lentil lasagnelentil lasange

2. Red Thai lentil souplentil soup

3. Lentil cakes
lentil cakes

4. Cheesy lentils
cheesey lentils

5. Spanish-style lentilsspanish lentils

6. Bean and lentil chillilentil chilli

7. Lentil and carrot dahllentil dahl

8. Spinach and lentil currylentil curry

9. Lentil spag bol
lentil spag bol

10. Cheese, carrot and lentil bakelentil bake 

11. Soupy lentils with pancettalentils pancetta soup

12. Red lentil and coriander saladlentil and coriander salad

13. Lentil and vegetable pasta in tomato saucelentil pasta

14. Lamb and lentil casserolelamb and lentil casserole

15. Lentil and nut roastnut loaf

16. Sausages and green lentils sauasage lentil bake

17. Marrow and lentil bakemarrow and lentil bake

18. Lentil and carrot patelentil pate

19. Chicken with butternut squash, brown rice and lentilschicken brown rice

20. Red lentil and pearl barley souplentils and barley

21. Balti white fish and red lentils>white fish and lentils 

Or you could stockpile your lentils and make Barack Obama's face with them instead...


obama lentil face 


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