The 12 festive drinks of Christmas

Welcome your guests over the holidays with something a little different this Christmas. Lidl's #SchoolOfChristmas asked Mumsnetters for their favourite Christmas tipples - with and without booze...

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Think outside the winebox

1. Slow cooker mulled wine

"I keep a vat of mulled wine in the slow cooker through the season - sugar, brandy, oranges, lemons, cloves, cinnamon, star anise, and red wine. Smells divine and keeps on warm for around three days!"

2. Wintry Pimms

"A big jug filled with Pimms/Jeeves, mixed with whatever brandy is left over from feeding the Christmas cake plus cloudy apple juice, cinnamon sticks and sliced apple and orange. You can serve it warm, but I prefer it cold with ice. It's a delicious not-too-alcoholic Christmas drink (depending on how much brandy you put in!)"

3. Cinnamon-dusted hot cider

"Cider heated with a very generous slug of rum, sugar to taste and served with thin slices of apples dusted with cinnamon - lovely and warming!"

If in doubt, add some fizz to the mix


4. Champagne cocktail

"There's got to be a classic champagne cocktail in this house at Christmas. Brown sugar cube soaked in angostura bitters in a flute, add brandy to the top of the sugar cube, top up with champagne."

5. Sloegasm

"I love a Sloegasm: sloe gin (homemade) topped up with Prosecco or Champagne. It's delicious and very festive." 

6. Scroppino

"I like Prosecco poured over lemon sorbet, with a twist of lemon rind and some mint on the top."

Sum up the season in a sip


7. Whisky Mac

"Whisky Mac - whisky and green ginger wine - is my favourite Christmas tipple for cosy nights under the fairy lights." 

8. Cranberry Kiss

"Amaretto with cranberry juice is the absolute taste of Christmas as far as I am concerned." 

Up your mocktail game

9. "We make virgin mojitos with ginger ale, lime juice, sugar and crushed mint leaves. My kids love a tropical mocktail made with San Pellegrino limonata, coconut milk, grenadine and frozen blueberries." 

10. "Try hot winter berries-flavoured 'posh squash' for a lovely non-alcoholic alternative to mulled wine."

Don't forget sweet and cosy


11. Marshmallow chocolate

"Lidl's hot chocolate is the nicest I have tasted: a big mug topped with marshmallows on Christmas Eve, snuggled up in new PJs, is heaven."

12. Boozy hot chocolate

"Slow cooker hot chocolate with rum, double cream and Nutella!" 

And for a festive garnish - voila!

"I make pretty ice cubes in festive colours, with a leaf or berry frozen inside. Coloured crushed ice looks great too. Kids love that layered in their drink!" 

For further inspiration, check out Lidl's #SchoolOfChristmas drinks recipes and their full drinks range.

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