11 convenience foods that will change your life*

*OK, maybe not change. But they'll certainly make it a LOT easier

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1. Frozen onions and garlic


"I absolutely love frozen onions and frozen garlic. They're seriously life-changing (I do a lot of slow cooking; it literally halves the prep time)."

2. Frozen rice

"I have never got the hang of cooking rice; it goes from under- to over-cooked in seconds! Frozen rice is amazing."

3. Squeezy pesto

"I love squeezy pesto. It lasts way longer then a jar."

4. Curry paste

"If you like curry, Patak's jars of curry pastes (not sauces) are awesome."

5. Ready-made puff pastry

"I like JusRol puff pastry for a fast salmon or chicken en croute."

6. Pre-cooked lentils

"Merchant Gourmet puy lentil sachets are great for salads or as a side."

7. Frozen mash


"I actually prefer frozen mash to my own."

8. Grated cheese

"Best thing ever. I hate grating."

9. Frozen soffritto

"Frozen soffrito mix: onion, celery and carrot. Perfect base for bolognese sauce and soups. Saves so much chopping."

10. Frozen pulses

"Iceland do a frozen quinoa-and-bean mix. It's lovely and I can't see anything unhealthy about it. You stir-fry it from frozen. Brilliant."

11. Pre-rolled (and cut) shortcrust pastry

"Ocado do a range imported from France. Their ready-made pastry is basically pastry as if you'd made it at home. It's even ready-rolled in a circle, so all you have to do is stick it into the quiche dish. This is what the French have cheated with for years."

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