10 shortcut recipes you can make in a microwave

If, like most of us, you only use your microwave to defrost or heat up ready meals, be prepared to be AMAZED 

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Microwave meringues

"My kids think I am some sort of cooking wizard now!"

Perfect pilau rice in the microwave

microwave rice

"Gorgeous - fluffy and perfect."

Golden syrup pudding

microwave pudding

"Microwave sponge is my life saver pudding, for when I haven't been organised to do a more complicated desert. My family always like it."

Microwave flapjacks

Gooey golden syrup mix is combined with oats and heaps of dried fruits to make 12 slices that you can really sink you're teeth into. 

Microwave creme brulee

microwave creme brulee

"It tastes fabulous, is no bother at all, and (since doing it like this) always works. It is foolproof."

Microwave white sauce

microwave white sauce

"I've been doing it this way for years. Mainly because I didn't have the patience to do it the proper way so just chucked it in the microwave and beat the hell out of it every two minutes!"

"It's less faff because a glass jug is far easier to clean than a sticky pan and it's virtually idiot-proof."

Microwave fudge

microwave fudge recipe

"This is beyond good, and very, very simple to make."

"I add ground cardamom for a really lovely variation. You could also try a slug of Baileys or something similar."

Microwave quiche in a mug

"This is a fabulous microwave quiche that cooks in the microwave for breakfast, while I slap on my face before work."

"Super easy and delicious... as well as healthy."

Cake in a mug

microwave cake recipe

"My son and I make this - it's really fun and very spongy, verging on puddingy."

"I add a spoonful of Nutella into the middle of mine. BLISS!!!!!"

Microwave peanut butter cookies

microwave cookies


Homemade jam in the microwave

microwave jam

"Just made some fab jam in the microwave with this fantastically simple method."

"It's fab! Tastes so fresh and sets well."

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