10 life-changing kitchen gadgets you didn't know you needed

When one Mumsnetter asked her fellow users which household items brought them joy, they didn't hold back. Behold: the kitchen implements that will change everything.

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1. Aerolatte milk frother, £9.88

Channel your inner barista with this nifty milk frother, which will elevate your morning cup of coffee to impressive new heights. Literally.

"It's awesome. I use mine for hot chocolate - it's the gift that keeps on giving."

2. Caddy Stack storage boxes, £4.98

Easy to lift thanks to the handle, and designed to fit even the most shallow cupboards, Caddy Stack boxes are a smart way to reclaim your kitchen space.

"Lakeland Caddy Stack boxes and shelves for my kitchen are rocking my world right now."

3. Joseph Joseph draining board, £16


Sick of puddles of water forming under your drying rack? This ingenious draining board is for you - the water drips down towards the spout, then back into the sink.

"Honestly, it's transformed my life. I have black granite surfaces, and I was sick to death of cleaning the inevitable residue of limescale from the draining ridges from using an ordinary sink drainer. This beauty goes on top of the granite and water just drips off into the sink."

Mumsnetters get 15% off their order with Joseph Joseph by using the code MUMSNET15 at the checkout.

4. Instant Pot, £120.94

When kitchen space is at a premium, multifunctional appliances are a blessing - and the Instant Pot definitely delivers on that front. 

"It's a digital pressure cooker/slow cooker/yogurt maker/steamer/rice cooker and saute pot, and it's changed my life."

5. Ikea Raskog trolley, £49

Sturdy, attractive, and pleasingly portable - the only issue with this storage solution is that you might find yourself with a house full of them. 

"This makes me far more happy than it should - it's so useful. I might buy another one."

6. Revive Power Paste, £6.90

An effective cleaner that can be used on ovens, hobs, glass and work surfaces (and that's just the tip of the iceberg), this may well be the product of all your grime-related dreams.

"It's amazing - great with tough stains. I buy three tubs at the Royal Welsh Show each year. The stand at the show is one of those cheesy ones where the man cleans a filthy oven door, a horrible mug, and rust stains. I stood there for ages, telling people 'It actually does work like that! I bought it last year!'. I bet they thought I was planted there."

7. Lakeland magnetic toast tongs, £1.99

Banish the urge to stick a metal implement into your toaster for good with this simple pair of wooden tongs. Thanks to the handy magnet, you can stick 'em to the front of the toaster too. 

"They mean no burnt fingers or having to dig for smaller items, such as crumpets. Simple pleasures..." 

8. Joseph Joseph washing-up bowl, £30

Easily one of the most stylish washing up bowls on the market. It minimises the risk of chipped plates and broken glasses - and it's easy to empty thanks to the plug, too.

"I love it! It makes washing up a pleasure. I look at it every day and appreciate how easy it is to use."

Mumsnetters get 15% off their order with Joseph Joseph by using the code MUMSNET15 at the checkout.

9. Tefal Ingenio pans, £111

Another multi-use marvel. The removable handles on the pans mean they can be used in the oven, for serving, or as food storage. 

"A lovely set of tough non-stick pans - you get a handle separately, clip it on when you need to lift the pan, then remove. The pans take up less room in the cupboard and on the stove, and  are safer, as there's no handle to be knocked accidentally, or grabbed by small children. They are brilliant and they make me happy every time I use them."

10. Quilted jars, £8.99 (for six)

A simple, stylish way to sort out your spices or baking ingredients, these jars are available in various sizes, and are pretty enough to have on display if you're lacking cupboard space. 

"They were on sale in Lakeland so I bought loads and tidied up my spice cupboard. It looks so pretty..."

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