10 easy sausage recipes for families

British bangers are great for family suppers - here are some of Mumsnetters' favourites


1. Credit Crunch sausage and bean casserole

"Useful store cupboard standby - this is a cheap and hearty casserole"

2. Pea, sausage and tomato fusilli

"Lovely served with a salad and cheesy garlic bread"

3. Mustardy sausages with onion and apple

"I made this tonight and it was a big hit with everyone – even my two and four-year-old loved it. They practically licked the plates!"


4. Easy cassoulet

"Quick, easy, warming winter stew. Great for cold nights"


5. Easy microwave sausage egg fried rice

"This was fab! Tried it on ultra-fussy child and she loved it"


6. Sausage and red pepper pasta bake

"A family favourite midweek supper that doesn't need any extra vegetables on the side


7. Sausage and potato pie

"Easy to freeze ... add a little grated cheese over the potato before putting it in the oven for a lovely cheesy crust"


8. Sausage and carrot pasta sauce

"Using grated carrots, this is a great way to sneak vegetables into a pasta dish"


9. Easy toad in the hole

"My daughter loves to watch it rise through the glass oven door. And it tastes divine"


10. Sausages with green lentils

"A great recipe - can be easily scaled up to make more than one meal or to feed more people"



Sausage recipes in Top Bananas!

The Mumsnet cookbookbreakfast quesadillas has several great sausage recipes to try, including Breakfast Quesadillas, Rock and Sausage Rolls and Cowgirl Stew.

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