The oddest Mother's Day cards ever received

mother's day card

If you don't get a picture-perfect hand-drawn card to treasure forever this Mother's Day, you'll be in good company. Mumsnetters share the cards which made them laugh, made them sigh, and made them head straight for the recycling bin.

The ones that didn't grasp the occasion


''My five-year-old son has drawn me a card with a picture of Father Christmas saying 'Ho Ho Ho' and then my bed with a stocking full of presents hanging from the end.''

“I got a sympathy card.''

The ones that pointed out the bleeding obvious


''My mum was bemused one year when she received a card on Mother's Day from my brother, with: 'You're like a mother to me' printed on it.''

The ones trying it on

child driving car

''My six-year-old wrote that he loves me because: 'You let me drive the car.' I most certainly do not, but nice try son.''

The ones with ALL the thanks

thank you

''My son wrote in his card: 'Thank you for makeing the best chilicocarni.' He then explained that it was the only thing he could think of because daddy does most things for him. His dad is currently not working (I work full-time). I do, however, make a damn good chilli con carne."

“My son wrote: 'Hail to the Queen! Thank you for carrying me within your womb, and for everything since.' He's 16.”

The ones that tell it like it is

ok then

''My brother once sent our mother a card where he had drawn her as a potato with the words: 'I love you, you remind me of a potato.'"

“I got a card with a word for each of the letters of 'mummy'. One of them was 'moody'.”

“My daughter drew me a picture of a princess and said: 'I drew that because you are a princess.' So far so cute, yes? She then followed this with a death stare and added: 'Because I'm the queen of this house, OK?'”

The ones with all the LOLS

horse laughing

“My four boys all bought me the same card. It says: 'Happy Mother's Day from your Favourite Son.' They are all blaming each other.”

“I got a card from my 'mystery son'. In fairness he is a bit of a mystery to me.”

“When I asked my four-year-old daughter what she'd drawn on my card, she said, 'a scary rabbit monster'. Then ran off cackling maniacally.”

The ones with a theme


“My children are into superheroes and have started calling me 'Mummyman' – especially for Mother's Day.”

“Mine compared me to getting as angry as The Hulk.''

“My card had lots of angry bats drawn on it. He's four years old and very into Batman.”

The too-darn-clever-for-their-own-good ones

like to read

“True to form, my nine-year-old daughter wrote an essay in her card, which I was guided through so I could marvel at the number of adjectives, use of similes, clever addition of metaphors and finally be blown away by the fact that it was all an acrostic poem. I don't think she'd given the actual wording much thought beyond trying to cram in as many examples of grammar as she could.”

“I remember, as a teenager, telling my mum that I didn't know if she was the best mum in the world, because I hadn't lived with all the other mums in the world. I was a pedantic kid. I promise I'm nicer now.”

And the ones with the best of intentions


''On the back of last year's card, it said: 'You're not perfect, but you're a better mother for it.'''

“My nine-year-old daughter wrote (amongst other things): 'Underneath your angriness, there's someone calm and sweet.'''

“Daughter, aged 13, wrote in her card: 'I love you with all my butt. I would put heart but my butt is bigger.'''