The royal baby

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The wait is officially over – congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on the arrival of their baby boy!

The new royal baby name

royal baby

The latest on Meghan and Harry's new baby, plus a bit of royal baby name inspiration if you're expecting an arrival of your own.

Advice for first-time parents

parents with newborn

It's a challenge – but you can do it! Mumsnet users offer the Duke and Duchess tried-and-tested tips to help make the transition to new parenthood that bit smoother.


10 reasons why baby naming is harder than you'd think

newborn baby name

Finding a moniker for your newborn can be blimmin' tough. And that's without the rest of the world entering sweepstakes on what you'll choose.

12 ways your life changes when you have kids

mother with child

Truly, parenting is a journey of discovery. Mumsnetters share the changes – good and bad – that took them by surprise after having children.

The ultimate new baby checklist

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From clothing and cots to pushchairs and baby car seats, here's what we think Meghan and Harry should definitely have on their essentials checklist in the run-up to the birth. And you can even download your own list.

All things royal

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Loyal subjects naturally need their very own Talk board. Step this way for a satisfying discussion about all things royal and tips for celebrating royal events in style…