New Year's resolutions for the style and beauty conscious


Mumsnetters suggest their most fashion-forward tips for stepping into the New Year with style

First things first – live your best life


''To make more of an effort and try to do my hair and make-up every day.''

Make the most of me-time


“To go for regular beauty treatments.”

Preparation is key


“To get the clothes I intend to wear the next day ready the night before, so there isn't a panicked Voyage to the Back of the Wardrobe each morning and/or Hasty Erection (of ironing board, at least).”

Leaving you time for more important things…

cat sleeping

“To have one early night a week.”

Don't put off the essentials


“Get my hair cut regularly.”

And remember, it's what's on the inside that counts


“To focus on diet, but eat well and healthily.”

Bite the bullet

shaving legs

“To keep on top of body hair even when hidden beneath clothes.”

Look after what the good lord gave you

face cream

“Invest in some new and good eye and night cream (I'm not getting any younger!)”

And remember, above all else, to own your sh*t


“To be stylish and classy and have lots of sex. Actually, even a little bit of sex would be nice.”