New Year's resolutions for the money-conscious

piggy bank

Want to become a savvy saver? Mumsnetters share their resolutions for managing money in the New Year

It's time to get those finances in order

woman sorting out finances on calculator

“To stop having so much month at the end of the money.”

And you'll have no one to thank but yourself


''To have an income, however small or irregular, earned by me.''

Whatever you do, don't step foot on the high street

online shopping

“Shop online to resist temptation in shops.”

And make that leap you've always wanted to

moving house

''Buy a house with a garden, a biiiiig kitchen, and a gift-wrapping room."

The bank of mum is officially closed

hands off gollum

“To wash the 'mug' sign off my head and stop lending my daughter money I won't get back.”

And you'll want to employ a few sneaky tactics

it's gone

''Unsubscribe from retailers' emails.''

Always think ahead

meal plan

“Make a large meal plan to save on wastage and rotate to avoid getting bored.”

Make sure you prep in advance

on a budget

“Make a packed lunch every day to save money… and calories!”

And this Christmas, who knows…

simpsons money

''To overcome my lack of musical talent and write a catchy Christmas pop song that shoots up the charts and is then played ad infinitum, bringing in a deluge of money. To bask in the knowledge that said pop song is pissing off millions of people at the same time as making me very rich.''