What to do for Mother's Day this year

Not sure what to do for Mother's Day (Sunday 22 March 2020), especially in these difficult times? Well, it's now more important than ever to show loved ones that you care, how ever small the gesture. And who best to ask than mothers themselves? Mumsnetters share what they would like most for Mother's Day. Feel free to overtly leave open on browser.

1. Flowers

1. Flowers

Yes, it's a cliche but it's still a good 'un. A houseplant works just as well as a bunch and will last a lot longer.

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“A bunch of daffodils makes my day, TBH.”

“I often buy DM a potted rose from David Austin – that way I know it's a good plant and she can enjoy it on the day and then put it in the garden and enjoy it thereafter.”

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2. Let her lie in

2. Let her lie in

As nice an idea as being woken at 6am by screaming loving kids is, the surprising consensus is that a lie-in is preferred. And to aid things, why not treat her to an eye mask?

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“A full night's sleep where I'm not poked awake by little fingers and then I wake up naturally at, say, around 10am.”

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3. Breakfast in bed

3. Breakfast in bed

A simple thought in the (not too) early hours can be all it takes to show that you care. A plea from mothers everywhere: try not to destroy the kitchen while you do it.

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“I get my 'special breakfast' for a gift every year – scrambled egg (preferably with no shell) on toast (preferably not burnt)…”

“I would dearly love a jar of rose petal jam, basically Turkish delight, on toast – divine!”

“Breakfast in bed is the best gift.”

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4. Gift something useful

4. Gift something useful

And when we say useful, we don't mean 'domestic'. Whether their dressing gown or PJs look like they've had better days, or there've been oh-so-subtle hints about needing a new reusable coffee cup for the commute, it will be much appreciated.

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“No doormats, oven gloves or tea towels. Ever.”

“A long lie-in and a new travel coffee mug.”

“I'm not fussed about gifts but if they get me anything I'd like it to be useful like new pyjamas.”

“My lovely daughters got me a White Company bathrobe for Christmas. It's grey towelling but very, very soft (like fleece) and it doesn't go weird and claggy when wet. I may never take it off again.“

“I love Boden PJ bottoms. In winter they come in lovely soft brushed cotton. I have several and they last well. They also do little PJ vests and cashmere loungewear.”

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5. Go to a world-famous museum or park, virtually

5. Go to a world-famous museum or park, virtually

Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with over 2500 museums and galleries around the world to host virtual tours and online exhibits. While it may be a bit 'different' from the real thing, at least there'll be no dragging tired kids around. Plus, in the absence of the best part a museum shop, why not browse the National Gallery's online wares?

Or if nature's more your bag, you can even take a tour of America's beautiful national parks.

“Wedgewood museum, we threw pots and my mum has the two small jasperware vases we made. It was a lovely activity and day, and a really nice personal momento/gift.”

Explore the online options

6. Send a personalised card

6. Send a personalised card

Especially if you're not able to spend Mother's Day together, why not send a personalised card? Moonpig have a large range of choices that you can add your own snaps to, to varying degrees of cheesy.

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“I have received some lovely cards and a beautiful personalised kids' book from Moonpig.”

“My best Mother's Day has to be the first after we adopted DD11, as for many years I thought I would never be a mum. I have kept all the cards, pictures etc that she’s made me.”

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7. A cup (of tea)

7. A cup (of tea)

If breakfast in bed is pushing the household's culinary talents, a beautifully-presented cuppa will do just as well. Emma Bridgewater does some very sweet (and good quality) 'Mummy' – and 'Daddy' – mugs for £19.95.

“I would like a new tacky 'best mum ever' mug, preferably full of tea.”

“Present-wise, a personalised mug filled with photos of my little boy. It was one of my favourite mugs to drink from but it accidentally got smashed a few months ago. I told DP I'd really appreciate a replacement. DS is only just gone two so he can't exactly get it for me.”

“I just adore Emma Bridgewater. I think my tea tastes so much better from one of these cups!”

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8. Get her a day out voucher

8. Get her a day out voucher

Right now it may not be possible to go on a day trip, but why not buy a voucher for a time when you can? Virgin Experience Days offer a whole host of activities – from afternoon tea deals to pampering treatments. There are deals with up to 70% off, and Virgin are offering another 20% off on top of that if you sign up to their newsletter.*

*Most vouchers are valid for 9 months from the date of issue and Virgin state 'while government restrictions apply in relation to Covid-19 we are offering free extensions on all experiences so you can take your experience when the time is right.'

“It's my mum's birthday soon and I've booked us both to do floatation therapy and massage followed by afternoon tea. We've never done float therapy before (she's never even heard of it!) so thought that might be something a bit different.”

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9. Bake your heart out

9. Bake your heart out

Baked goods are certainly a way into our hearts, especially if they're homemade. So it's a good job Mumsnet users have tonnes of tried-and-tested biscuit recipes, for all tastes. And don't forget previous memo re: not leaving the kitchen in a tip.

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“DD made me heart-shaped cookies, all the thought and effort that went into them (both DD and DH who doesn't bake) made them a very touching gift.”

“I go and see my mum the day before. She lives two hours away so it’s easier to see her then. I’ll usually bake her something, take a small gift and we’ll just spend some time together.”

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10. Sort the chores

10. Sort the chores

Why not use this opportunity to give the house a bit of a spring clean? Try out our 11 life-changing cleaning hacks, most using household items.

“Just be kind. Don't buy me a card and then leave me to the Sunday chores as usual.”

“A day off cooking is all I ask.”

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11. Watch a family film

11. Watch a family film

Whack a film on (put on a projector if you can) and grab the popcorn and wine snacks – nothing beats a good ole family movie night. If you're self-isolating from kids/parents, you can use a video messaging app and a painful combined effort at synchronising pressing play. It's worth it, we promise. Some fab options to watch free with Amazon Prime membership include:

Paddington (both films) – watch now
Jumanji – watch now
Nativity – watch now

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“It's definitely got to be Paddington. My four-year-old son wets himself laughing at the bath scene every time!”

“We love the original Jumanji!”

“The films she's most obsessed with and, yes, we have had to watch them today (the hottest day of the year so far), are Nativity 1, 2 and 3. Trying not to melt while listening to 'Sparkle and Shine' is an experience to say the least…”

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12. Allow her to put her feet up

12. Allow her to put her feet up

Whether that's in the form of helping with the house so she can chill, or ensuring that her feet feel pampered and pedicured or toasty and warm in a nice new pair of slippers.

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“Sitting in my house with the fire on being fed chocolates by the kids and drinking a glass of red while he cooks a roast and then washes up!”

“I would love a pedicure. I love my feet being firmly grabbed and massaged”

See our roundup of best slippers

13. Cook together

13. Cook together

It's one thing being treated to breakfast/dinner/misshapen burnt cookies, but for some, it's more relaxing to still be involved somehow. To make things easier, check out these nifty kitchen accessories.

“I'll cook lunch for us all with the DCs as sous chefs”

See the kitchen accessories

14. Give her some alone time

14. Give her some alone time

In current times more than ever, cuddles are lovely but an hour's respite to have sole control of the remote or even a bubble bath is also important. And for the latter, you really can't beat a Lush bath bomb (from £3.95).

“I'd like my husband to take the kids out for a walk for an hour or so so I can have a cuppa and watch some crap in peace on my own.”

“Also DP will always take everyone out for a couple of hours so I get some peace and quiet.”

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15. Bring the bar to her

15. Bring the bar to her

It's no secret that Mumsnet users love their gin – we even made an emoji on Talk especially for it. A particularly favoured tipple is Edinburgh Gin who do a range of drinks including gin liqueurs from Strawberry and Pink Pepper to Rhubarb and Ginger.

“An afternoon with a bottle of gin would be preferable to an 'I Love Mummy' teddy bear.”

“DC (adults) making me more than a few cocktails and just generally making me feel special.”

“I was given some Edinburgh Rhubarb and Ginger Gin for Christmas – I bloody love it with some fiery ginger beer.”

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