8 steps to a stress-free Christmas dinner

Got an army of folk to feed on Christmas Day? Then you'll need a military-style battleplan. Here are Mumsnetters' tips for a stress-free(ish) Christmas dinner

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1. Make as much as you can ahead and freeze


Roast potatoes, stuffing, even the turkey - see more make-ahead Christmas dishes

2. Check you have the right equipment - and that your facilities are fit for purpose

"Buy trays that fit neatly in your oven. Ovals are out." 

"Clean both ovens. We only use the top oven on Christmas Day; it has its annual clean in early December so we aren't smoked out on Christmas morning." 


3. Make sure there are enough plates/cutlery/chairs for everyone

"Obviously it doesn't have to match. Sometimes the logistics of getting 20 people to the table in some kind of order is hard too. I had to borrow chairs once."


4. Think outside the box...

"We use the dishwasher to heat plates!"


5. ...and the fridge

"I  prepare the turkey and leave it in the car boot overnight as I never have room in the fridge."

6. Some things are fine to fake

"Buy your pigs-in-blankets ready-made. It's just bacon rolled around sausages; there's no glory to be had in rolling your own."

"Frozen Aunt Bessie's parsnips are very good, and frankly cost not much more than buying and prepping them yourself."


7. In fact: who says you have to cook?

"I buy everything ready-prepped then bang it in the oven on the day. It's my Christmas treat to myself each year. Bliss." 

8. No matter how you make it to the table, though, don't forget the vegetarians

"When choosing the vegetarian main, consider how well it'll go with gravy (pastry can be a bit dodgy). Oh - and remember to get/make some veggie gravy."


Photo: Festive Vegetarian Wellington recipe from Lidl

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