Delicious edible Christmas gifts

Homemade edible christmas gifts

Homemade edible treats make thoughtful Christmas presents with a personal touch – and have the added benefit of being light on your wallet (if not your waistline). These recipes are fun to make, budget-friendly and provide the perfect opportunity to rope the kids in for a nice pre-Christmas activity (though best to keep the rum truffles and dishwasher vodka for adult cooks only)

Straight from our Youtube channel – easy to follow edible present recipes

Need to whip up a last-minute edible gift? Look no further than these three super-simple recipes – throw together in under half an hour and leave to cool before the decorating commences!

Family members will love the charming Christmas biscuit tree decorations, while those with a sweet-tooth can indulge in extra decadent festive fudge. And our favourite hack? The unbelievably easy chocolate blocks which you can customise with the recipient's favourite topping.

More delicious homemade gift ideas

1. Aphrodisiac chocolate truffles

These indulgent truffles are full of cream, rum and cardamom and make a gourmet gift even though they're easy-peasy to make. Add a whole glace cherry to each truffle for even more of an impact.

Chocolate truffles

2. Peppermint creams

Refreshing peppermint creams are fun to make and incredibly easy to customise. Just add a few drops of food colour and cut them into shapes or letters to personalise your present.

Peppermint creams

3. Fruit and nut chocolate fudge

Hazelnuts and sultanas give this creamy chocolate fudge extra flavour and a pleasing texture, and would look classy presented in a small, pretty tin.

Fruit and nut fudge

4. Christmas fudge

Everyone loves a good buttery fudge, and this lovely recipe uses vanilla for an extra depth of flavour. We'd definitely recommend making a second batch as a present to yourself (arguably the best sort of present).

Christmas fudge

5. Tangy citrus curd

Packed with intense, zingy flavours, this recipe makes two jars of tangy citrus curd using lemons, limes and oranges. It's a citrus-y alternative to the seasonal overload of rich, chocolatey treats.

Citrus curd

6. Tomato and apple chutney

As a change from sweet treats, give friends a good savoury chutney that will last well into the New Year. This tomato and apple version goes well with a sharp cheddar and some oatcakes.

Tomato and apple chutney

7. Dishwasher vodka

It might sound peculiar, but this definitely adult-only gift has proven popular with Mumsnetters, and allows you to be as creative as you like. Try using Skittles, After Eights, or any confectionary you like, for a unique gift.

Homemade vodka

8. Christmas Day muffins

Cranberries and mixed spice make these muffins perfect for the festive season. Plus, they only take 20 minutes to cook, so are a perfect last-minute gift.

Christmas day muffins