Easter bonnet ideas for boys

Not that we're ones to go in for gender stereotyping, but a quick look at the Mumsnet Talk boards over the years shows that when it comes to getting boys to enter willingly into the Easter bonnet parade, some additional crafty tactics are often required

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Mumsnetters who have been there, done that and won first prize share their Easter bonnet making tips with a masculine bent.


"Cowboy hat with eggs hanging down on strings a la Aussie type cork hat." 

Chicks in a nest

  1. Use a big plastic plant pot.
  2. Buy some of those little yellow chicks and a nest with eggs and chicks in (you get them in stationery shops/craft shops etc).
  3. Put a bit of foam inside the rim to make it snug.
  4. Papier mache it (just a thin layer of different colours of tissue paper like patchwork).
  5. Glue the nest on the top, and fasten the chicks to pipecleaners and attach them to the top of the 'hat' through the drainage holes. The little chicks will bob about on the pipecleaner antennae.

"Dead simple, my son helped with the papier mache and glueing of nest etc (so it wasn't just a parental effort). Oh, and I made holes in the plant pot with a heated skewer and put thin elastic to go under his chin." 

White rabbit hat

"I have just finished my son's Easter hat. It's a white rabbit. Thankfully, he changed his mind from originally wanting a crocodile. It consists of a cardboard circle round his head with an oval top to it, round cotton wool head covered in white crepe paper, cardboard ears with pink felt in the middle, body covered in white crepe paper and a cotton wool tail. Just searching for something to make whiskers with that's not pointy wire!" 

Giant hot cross bun

"We made a giant Hot Cross Bun, made from scrunched-up newspaper and painted brown, with a white cross and black dots. Attach it to your son's head with wide (non-girly, obviously) ribbon. Bunny rabbit ears are another idea. A cardboard band around the head with cardboard ears attached. Stick on cotton wool to make fluffy." 

Easter duckling

"Get a baseball cap and cover it in yellow feathers. Put yellow foam stuff on the peak and a couple of googly eyes and drew some nostrils. Voila! A chick/duckling." 

Humpty Dumpty bonnet

"I made a wall out of an old box, attached it to a hat and then added Humpty Dumpty on top. I folded up paper for arms and legs, and a couple of bits of scrunched-up tissue for grass. It looked great and my five-year-old son loved it." 

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