Which Christmas film character are you?

Christmas is coming – hoorah! If you're planning to spend much of it with your feet up watching a host of classic festive films, haven't you ever wondered which seasonal movie character you most resemble? Take our quiz to find out

1) Tonight's the big Christmas lights switch-on. Where will you be?

a) At home. Standing around getting frostbite waiting for Lee from Blue to flick a switch? No thanks.
b) At home. This is your cue to light up your own house in a display so bright it brings visitors from miles to gawp.
c) Ready and waiting with flasks of hot chocolate and handwarmers at the ready.
d) On the way. You'd rather skip it but your kids are desperate to go. You're sure you'll enjoy it once you're there.

2) How do you get your home looking and feeling festive?

a) Well you do have a small fake tree but if it was up to you, you'd skip the decorations altogether.
b) Festive tunes, fake snow, a real tree, tinsel everywhere – it's messy, but the Christmas spirit is alive and well in your house.
c) Once you finally decide on this year's theme (a traditional red and gold, since you ask) each member of the family is given a job to do, so the decorations are up in a jiffy.
d) The kids fancied an eight-foot inflatable sleigh complete with Santa and reindeer, so that's what you're putting in the front garden.

3) The office Christmas party: an evening of merriment and regret. How does it play out for you?

a) You're not one for parties but as long as the free Prosecco is flowing, you'll stay. Grudgingly.
b) You're the life and soul of the party – the first in line for a Christmas conga and the last to leave.
c) You keep the drinks flowing before it's time for Secret Santa gift giving, which you, of course, helped to co-ordinate.
d) Rather than spending the evening watching your manager flirt with Keith from IT, you keep the drinks to a minimum and make it home in time to put the kids to bed.

4) How good are you at gift-getting?

a) Gifts? You mean that bunch of old tat that will end up in the attic, forgotten, by the second week of January?
b) You love giving so yours is an epic present list, covering everyone from your nan to your postman's nan.
c) You're a list writer, so everything is bought by October, avoiding all the December stress.
d) It'll be a Christmas to remember, even if you do have to elbow fellow shoppers out of the way for the very last Hatchimal.

5) How do you react to Christmas songs?

a) They are the musical equivalent of nails down a blackboard – aural torture.
b) You've always fancied yourself as a dead ringer for Mariah, so you're up for a good sing-a-long.
c) As long as they're the RIGHT Christmas songs – Wham rather than Slade – you're OK with them.
d) Your family are the Von Trapps of the Christmas scene – wait until everyone hears your acapella version of Little Donkey.

6) The Big Day is here, but it's a disaster. The turkey is burnt and you forgot the brandy butter. What to do?

a) Christmas dinner is WAY overrated. This is a great excuse to skip the faff and throw some pizzas in the oven instead.
b) You know this will just become another treasured festive memory that you'll laugh about in years to come. Hopefully.
c) No problem. There's a back-up chicken in the fridge. And – please – you would NEVER forget the brandy butter.
d) Try remembering that the most important thing is that you're surrounded by family – screaming kids and all – and that's what Christmas is really all about.


Mostly As – The Grinch

Much to your kids' horror, you’re a firm believer that Christmas, quite frankly, is a waste of time, money and effort. While everyone around you is getting in to the festive spirit, you would much rather press fast-forward on the month of December altogether.

Mostly Bs – Mr Poppy from Nativity!

With your Christmas spirit turned up to ‘high’ from November 1 onward, you exude festive joy wherever you go – whether your loved ones like it or not. With mince pies for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner) and every inch of your house covered in flashing fairy lights, nobody loves Christmas quite as much as you.

Mostly Cs – Mary Hatch from It’s a Wonderful Life

The festive period is always going to be busy, but you know that preparation is the key. You always have a solution in times of chaos and family and friends rely on you to keep them organised at Christmas.

Mostly Ds – Howard Langston from Jingle All the Way

There’s nothing you want more than the perfect Christmas, and you try to create special memories of the day every year. For you, the day is all about family and you’ll go to just about any lengths to find that special present for your kids.