Christmas craft ideas for kids

Getting children involved in making Christmas decorations is more fun (if slightly messier) than buying them and can become part of your annual run-up-to-Christmas traditions.

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So bust out the glue, glitter and assorted craft accessories and get the children stuck in to some of these easy Christmas craft suggestions from Mumsnetters.

Kirsty, eat your heart out.

Christmas decorations

"Have a pine cone hunt. Once you have collected lots, glue them together to make a display or hang them on ribbon (or natural string) to make a garland. If you have any spray paint they look lovely with gold glitter on, too." 

"We made our own nativity scene. The year they made Baby Jesus from glow-in-the-dark modelling stuff has a permanent place in family history!" 

"Make a fabric wreath with old shirts. Paper snowflakes are normally a hit with kids. Ribbon and button Christmas trees (easily made using strips of ribbon that get shorter towards the top glued onto a cheap canvas)." 

"We tied bundles of cinnamon sticks with ribbon and made tiny organza filled with cloves. When DS is a bit older we will have a go at blowing eggs and painting them, then adding arms and legs to make Santa figures." 

"Paper stars are lovely. I start off with A4 paper cut into a square and size up or down from there. I either staple or sellotape depending on size. Sometimes I staple them halfway down the sides to give more stability." 

"I've just made a garland out of wool. I made little pom-poms and tied them to a length of wool - they look lovely. Very easy to make: get a fork and wrap the wool round the prongs, tie in the middle and snip the ends." 

"I like Swedish paper hearts - you can make them out of any paper, but shiny metallic wrapping paper (not too thin) is good. You can make big ones or small ones to hang on the tree, and put a piece of chocolate money or small wrapped sweets in them." 

"I made mini versions of myself and DH out of old-fashioned clothes pegs and some felt - I was an angel and DH was a wise man. I then cut out little pics of us doing extremely smiley faces and glued them on. Family think they are very funny." 

"Bauble wreath. Works well with the same shade (say ice blue) but using varying sizes and finishes of bauble (super-shiny, matte, glitter, painted etc)." 

"A few years ago we were terribly snowed in, and had no craft supplies or tree or anything and me and DD1 made everything out of newspaper. It looked really lovely and now it's our tradition that we spend a day hacking at newspapers before Christmas. Snow flakes on windows and paper chains look lovely." 

"Make glittery tree decorations using cookie cutters as templates to draw round on card; cover in glue, add glitter and thread on a red ribbon to hang." 

Homemade Christmas cards

"Cut old Christmas cards into 1cm strips, so for each card you end up with about 10 strips roughly 1x10cm long. Collect them together in picture order and use a hole punch at both ends. Then take two split pins, push one through each hole and open up the fastener (with the rounded ends on the picture sides and the two prongs on the reverse). Spread out the strips to make a ball shape, add some string and hang on the tree." 

"We did green hand prints and then my daughters decorated them with sequins and glitter to look like Christmas trees." 

"I'm going to get DS to help make Christmas cards - some will be thumbprint ones, others will be cut-outs from paper he's painted/glittered." 

"I've been making Christmas cards with my son's footprints." 

"Christmas cards can be decorated with a felt snowflake on the front." 

Homemade gifts and wrapping paper

"The older children (still quite young though) got given some brown paper, loads of decorations and an hour to make their own wrapping paper. It turned out better than I'd expected." 

"Collect pine cones and make into bird feeders (dip in melted lard, roll in seeds and raisins etc). 

"Make bookmarks." 

"I have tons of beads from all my grandmother's old necklaces. My son and I are going to (re)make them into bangles and necklaces for relatives who knew her when she was alive." 

"I am going to be doing spice mixes as gifts - I've seen some wee tins for wedding favours and think those with spice and herb mixes inside would be perfect gifts for my sister and FIL who both live abroad - need something lightweight to post!" 

"I did homemade candles last year. Got glass paints, wax dye and scents off eBay, bought cheap glass tealight holders from supermarket and painted them, and DH found me the paraffin wax. Wrap in cellophane with a nice ribbon - lovely gifts!" 

"Using the Douwe Egberts coffee jars (that I save all year), I bought bags of old-fashioned sweets and put those in the jars in layers, and then just tied a gingham ribbon round the top. It worked out really cheap but they looked fab." 

"My daughter got a soap-making kit and they came out fantastically well. I'm trying to find replacement ingredients so that we can make loads of small soaps and package them in little cellophane bags with pretty ribbons on. They were so easy to do and look (and smell) great." 

And something for Santa and Rudolph

"When we moved to the middle of nowhere my youngest son was worried Santa wouldn't find us, so I made a runway in the field using jam jars and tea lights." 

"Make some reindeer food (porridge oats and glitter in a little jar). The idea is that the reindeer will see it twinkling from the sky and come down and stand nicely for Santa to do his thing while filling their tums!)" 

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