Mallika Basu

Food Blogger & Author


Corporate superbitch, reluctant supermum and keen cook, Mallika Basu gives time-starved lovelies everywhere a witty, irreverent guide to cooking authentic Indian food at home. In 2006, whilst studying for her Masters degree and tired of Tesco ready-meals, Mallika set up her blog,, to prove that anyone could cook Indian food regardless of their lifestyle. 

The blog led to a book deal and in 2010, and Miss Masala: Real Indian Cooking for Busy Living was published by Collins. Described as “Bollywood meets Sex in the City”, it captured the essence of Mallika’s journey. As well as being a published author and successful blogger, Mallika is Managing Director of the Corporate Division in the world's fourth largest global PR consultancy. She also has two spirited children and lives with her husband in Clapham, South London.