Kirsty McNeill

Founder, ThembaHQ


Kirsty McNeill is the founder of strategy consultancy ThembaHQ and advises some of the world’s leading campaigning organisations, including Unicef, Save the Children and Oxfam. She spent three years at Number 10 leading on a wide range of campaign, communication and outreach activities and came to Downing Street having led the policy and influencing work of DATA (now the ONE Campaign) in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and the EU institutions. Before joining DATA she was on the board of Make Poverty History and managed the Stop AIDS Campaign. In previous lives she worked as a campaigner for Shelter and in the Oxfam celebrities unit, and was part of the first student brand management programme for the NME. She is also part of the team behind, a new start-up providing non-partisan, online, crowd-sourced guides to public policy and evidence.