How does your family get in the Christmas spirit?

Family opening Christmas gifts

Sometimes the run-up to Christmas is almost as good as the day itself. Mumsnetters share the family traditions that really get them in the festive spirit

BIY (bake it yourself)

Christmas baking

“Our tradition is to bake and decorate Christmas cookies on Christmas Eve. I used to do it with my mum, and it’s now something I’ve passed on to my own children.”

Decorate with love (even if it isn't perfect)

Mince pies

“Christmas music and mince pies while we decorate the tree is our tradition. I always have high hopes of a colour scheme but the kids just throw everything at it and we make do with a rainbow tree!”

There's festive magic right on your doorstep

Christmas lights

“My family always go out for dinner on Christmas Eve. On the way home we take a long detour, passing by all the houses that have nice Christmas light displays and deciding on our favourite.”

It's the thought that counts

Gingerbread house

“Every year I make a gingerbread house with my daughters. We absolutely love doing it even if the finished product often resembles more of a shack than a house!”

Belt out a few Christmas carols

Minions singing Christmas carols

“We go carol singing around the houses by candlelight on Christmas Eve. It’s the most special part of my year.”

Traditions are made for passing down

Kids xmas decs

“My mum still has tree ornaments that I made at primary school out of egg cartons and pipe cleaners. They’re faded and the bits of tinsel are threadbare but she still puts them on the tree every year – I’m now doing the same with things my son makes at school.”

Go big, then go home

Little girl surrounded by christmas trees

“Our favourite tradition is going to the Christmas tree farm to choose our own tree. It is so lovely wandering around and selecting the tree, arguing over the size and wondering if we have gone too big. It’s a really big part of our Christmas.”

Snuggle up together for stockings

Christmas stockings

“On Christmas morning, the kids always climb onto our bed to open their stockings. They’re 16 and 12 now, but it’s still one of our favourite traditions.”

You're never too old for a Christmas classic

Grinch gif

“Before bed on Christmas Eve we cuddle up in bed with the children while I read them How The Grinch Stole Christmas. And no, of course a 15 year old isn’t too old for Dr Seuss.”