Seven much-loved treats you won't be enjoying this Christmas

Baby crying at Christmas

Mumsnetters take a nostalgic look back at some of their favourite treats of Christmases past. Because Christmas is a time for… discontinuing everyone's favourite items. Nice one, supermarkets

Strawberry Christmas trees

Strawberry trees not forever

Woman shouting no

“Well, Iceland can fuck off. Fucking asshats that they are. It appears they are not doing their white chocolate and strawberry Christmas trees this year. Only the stupid salted caramel and milk chocolate ones. They were the entire point of December. They have RUINED my Christmas. I reached peak salted caramel in 2015 – I want my strawberry ones.”

Pigs in Mud ice cream

Is it really Christmas without pigs in… ice-cream?

Pigs in mud

“I've never forgiven Tesco for stopping selling Pigs in Ice Cream. It was the most fabulous chocolate ice cream with little pink strawberry chocolate pigs in it. It was divine. I am, and always will be, devastated. What utter twatting bastards they are.”

Festive chipolatas

Not entirely sure what a festive chipolata is, but we definitely want one

Woman eating sausages

“I’ve held resentment towards Tesco since the early 00s when they stopped making festive chipolotas. I pine for them every year.”

Blueberry and cream cheese muffins

Definitely sounds a bit gross; definitely still want to try them

Woman retching

“My daughter will never forgive Sainsbury's for discontinuing their blueberry muffins with cream cheese in, never.”

Festive pies

Ronald is most definitely on the naughty list

Ronald McDonald

“Every year I get angry with McDonalds all over again when they still don't sell festive pies. Atrocious.”

Stuffed pies

I don’t want a lot for Christmas – just all the animals in one pie

Donald eating pie

“Last year, I ordered this amazing pie from M&S and was planning to serve it at a party. I'd got pretty overexcited about it due to the glossy photography in the Christmas catalogue. It was a long, loaf-shaped pie and it had (as I recall) turkey, bacon and sausages inside. You can see from my loving description how attached I had become. So, on the morning of the party I go to collect it, and there is NO FUCKING PIE. The staff were hugely apologetic but I was naturally devastated. I promised myself that I would get the pie next year. So, after an agonising wait, Christmas cometh once again, so I eagerly rip the catalogue out of its cellophane, planning to order the pie, there and then. And this year there is NO SUCH PIE.”


Do they know it’s Christmas time, at all?


“Whoa! Slow down! Mingles have gone? Well… that's my Christmas royally fucked then! I hunted for them for ages like a twollock! Oh the memories! One boxing night while heavily pregnant, I scoffed half a tin and was up for hours with unbearable heartburn. Do I regret it? Nope. Would I do it again? Yes. I'm gutted, from the depths of my heart.”


There's still this little beauty – God Rest You Merry, Greggs

gregg's festive bake

“I'll never forgive Greggs for discontinuing their gingerbread cupcake with cream cheese frosting, topped off with a teeny gingerbread man. Every year I peer through the window with hope in my heart but they’re nowhere to be found. Thank god we still have the Festive Bake.”

Desperate times, desperate measures

Peter Andre

“Have you tried writing to Peter Andre, I believe he has some contacts at Iceland?”