13 Christmas disasters to make you feel better about your own

shocked santa

If Christmas is the most magical time of the year, it's also the most chaotic – fact. The turkey? Burned. The tree? Lopsided. Aunt Agatha? Still here. But if it's any consolation, at least know that you're not alone. On that note, here are 13 festive debacles to make you feel better about Christmas round yours.

The gravy disaster

Christmas gravy

“So I tried to make my own gravy. It took hours in the oven, the veg was still hard after an hour and 30 minutes, and then when I transferred it to the hob (as per the recipe) all the juices evaporated. It was basically chicken-flavoured water with lumps in.”

The exploding chestnuts

exploding chestnuts

“My husband wanted to cook chestnuts this year instead of buying them frozen. Fair enough, but it didn't tell you in the cooking instructions that after 15 minutes they explode. Do you have any idea how much mess they make?”

That damn Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

“Last November I found a letter my daughter had written to the Elf, saying how sad she was because he seems to go to all of her friends' houses but never hers, and that she was worried he didn't want to visit her. It was the saddest thing ever.”

The non-believer

Elf saying you sit in a throne of lies

“My 10-year-old asked point-blank if Santa was real, and I ended up saying 'no'. Her little face fell so badly that I furiously backtracked and took the 'But what do you think?' tack. But it was too late. SHE KNEW.”

The cat vs trifle

shocked cat

“One Christmas I made a trifle, setting it onto the worktop while I got on with other things. The cat jumped onto the worktop, then right into the trifle.”

The flaming table

Christmas candles

“My husband and I had the flu and went straight to bed after lunch. Woken by the smell of burning, he went downstairs to discover that the dining room table was on fire (no one blew the candles out), and we had to leave the house until the fire brigade arrived.”

The one with the bin bags

woman sad at christmas

“Last year I very carefully chose some lovely gifts on a budget (and did extremely well), then stored a ton of the gifts in a black bag. Unfortunately, I then proceeded to throw it out alongside the bin bags. My finest hour it was not.”

The turkey calamity

girl facepalming

“I put the turkey crown in the combination microwave to cook it on the oven setting. A hour and a half later, I discovered that instead of cooking it for 90 minutes I'd cooked it for 90 seconds.”

Another turkey calamity

woman putting her head in her hands

“The door fell off my brother's oven one year – they had to take the turkey around to someone else's house to finish cooking it.”

And YET ANOTHER turkey calamity

Gordon Ramsay saying 'give me your jacket'

“I grilled the turkey.”

The parsnip palava

smoke coming out of oven

“I discovered (too late) that my parsnips were in a plastic tray when you were actually supposed to take them out and place them onto a baking tray. I hadn't read the instructions and had slung them into the oven without thinking, then opened it to a cloud of smoke and a pool of melted plastic.”

The date mix-up

Conan saying 'why'

“Two years ago I drove to the supermarket to collect some ordered food, only to find that I was a day late and it was closed.”

The 'say no more'

woman grimacing

“At 10am on Christmas Day, I was the first to exhibit symptoms of winter vomiting virus.”