10 things kids love about Christmas

Sisters enjoying christmas

The festive season is never quite as magical as when we were young, but to help us get in to the Christmas spirit Mumsnetters share the things their children are most looking forward to this December

Cooking up a storm

“My eldest son will be helping with preparing and cooking some food this year, for the first time. I'm dreading the mess he will make, but he is very excited. I think he thinks he's Paul Hollywood.”

Showing their theatrical side

“My son is looking forward to his Christmas show at school. He loves singing and dancing so this gives him an excuse to sing his little heart out. What he lacks in talent he makes up for in enthusiasm.”

Spreading Christmas cheer near and far

“My daughter's best mate comes from a culture that doesn't do Christmas trees, so she's going to come round to help us decorate ours and eat mince pies – she is desperately excited about this.”

Partaking in the more traditional side of things

“My daughter gets very excited about the Christingle service. She kept asking when we were going 'to do the thing where I get to hold the pumpkin'. I had to keep telling her it's an orange.”

The whole family being together

“My three-year-old daughter is really looking forward to her big brother coming home from uni for Christmas. We decorated the tree last night with him looking on and directing operations over Skype. The wonders of modern technology!”

“The moment when my parents arrive. It's hard work having guests but the look on the kids' faces makes up for it. It's the second item (after snow) on my seven-year-old's wish list.”

A special delivery from Santa's (not-so-) little helper

“Daddy has to go outside on Christmas Eve, knock on the door, then hide. He leaves a box with new pyjamas for all, a Christmas movie and some snacks.”

Getting into the giving spirit

“As well as all the usual festivities, my kids are looking forward to donating the money that I would normally spend on stockings to a charity of their choice. The only problem is that they now have another Christmas decision to deliberate over.”

Helping out Santa and Rudolph

“My little one loves putting out the snacks for Santa on Christmas Eve. He informs me he's going to get a mince pie and a Yakult drink this year, and for Rudolph, it's a mince pie and a raisin.”

The excitement of waking up on Christmas morning

“My daughters are eight and nine and their favourite bit of Christmas is opening stockings on Christmas morning. They both bring them into our room so we can all take it in turns to open daft little presents and eat any chocolate we might find in there for breakfast.”

But most of all? Those little things that money can't buy

“One year we queued for ages for an event about the science of Christmas that tracked Santa as he flew around the world. But what was the best thing that year? 'Aunty told us a story about how Mum went to India and ate so much curry that she was sick.'”