How to make a Peppa Pig costume in less than 10 minutes

This quick and easy Peppa Pig costume will solve your World Book Day woes in a flash

If you've got an indecisive pre-schooler on your hands, win them over with this easy costume.

What you'll need

- Thin dark pink card and light pink card
- Scissors
- PVA glue or sticky tape
- Pencil
- Peppa Pig ears template

What you'll need to make a Peppa Pig for World Book Day: Scissors, glue, ruler, template

How to make a Peppa Pig costume

1. Download the template and copy or trace the large ear template onto the thin dark pink card, then cut them out.
2. Copy or trace the smaller inner ear templates onto the thin light pink card and then cut them out. Stick them onto the main ear pieces.
3. Cut two strips of card, 5cm x 30cm. Glue them together to make one long headband
4. Measure the headband to fit your child's head, then glue or tape the ends together.
5. Glue the two Peppa ears onto the middle of the headband.
6. Match with rosy cheeks, and a red t-shirt or dress for Peppa, or a blue t-shirt for George.
7. Snort with joy as you settle into a stress-free World Book Day.
Finished Peppa Pig ears

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