Book of the Month: How to Blitz Nits and Other Nasties by Mumsnet

how to blitz nits

September's book of the month is Mumsnet's brand new indispensable book for parents; a witty yet practical guide to defeating the ten most common childhood ‘nasties’.

About the book

The book you've all been waiting for! Got a child with worms up their bum? A poonami on your hands? Projectile vomit in your hair? Never fear. Mumsnet is here to help, even when you can't get to your laptop to update us in real time. Contained in this handy little book are all of the most ingenious ways to rid your child, house, hands, and hair of things that wriggle, drip and smell.


We have 50 copies of How To Blitz Nits (and Other Nasties) to give away. If you'd like to be allocated a copy and agree to join the discussion thread, apply by filling in the form below by end of day, Monday 25 September.