Favourite bedtime stories: Mumsnet survey

The Book of Bedtime Stories

To coincide with the release of The Mumsnet Book of Bedtime Stories, we carried out a survey of families' nightly reading habits to found out which titles are the nation's favourites.

The results show that reports of the death of the bedtime story have been greatly exaggerated, with technology helping parents read to their children more than they were read to themselves.

When it comes to books for older children, Mumsnetters are reaching for the classics over more recent bestsellers, while a certain hairy household name was voted number one for under fives and overall favourite.

Meanwhile, we also asked celebrities to join in and name their favourite bedtime stories. Find out who picked what.


Mumsnetters' favourite bedtime stories

And the winners are...

Under fives and overall winner

Five to eight year olds

Eight to 11 year olds

Who's reading bedtime stories, when and how 

Our survey revealed that more mums and dads read to their children than their parents read to them, with iPads and Kindles offering new and interactive methods of bedtime storytelling:

  • Nearly nine out of 10 parents (89%) read regular bedtime stories to their children, up on only two thirds (67%) who reported being read to as a child.
  • More than one in 10 parents (12%) are turning to technology for bedtime stories, using an iPad or Kindle to read.
  • 45% of respondents report splitting bedtime story duty with their partner, but dads are the main reader in only 10% of families, with 42% reporting Mums do the most reading.
  • Nearly half (43%) of parents admit finding reading a bedtime story a chore.
  • 44% of parents feel guilty about sometimes not reading a bedtime story, with 4% admitting they have lied to their friends about reading them and 8% report bribing their children into allowing them to read one.

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