10 quality films for young teenagers

Oh, the tweenage years. Striking a balance between appropriate, enriching and cool is tricky - here are Mumsnetters’ suggestions for keeping all parties happy

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1. One for the rock stars

"One of my daughter's all-time favourites is School of Rock." 

2. A history lesson, cunningly wrapped in comedy

"Bill, about Shakespeare's early life, was made by the Horrible Histories crew. It's really good and (as always with that bunch), has enough adult references to keep the parents entertained!"

3. For retro teens

"Can I suggest going back to the 80s and the amazing, very overlooked, Some Kind of Wonderful by John Hughes? Fantastic film, great soundtrack, biting sarcasm and a happy ending."

4. A spooky one...

"It seems to be a right of passage around here to watch Woman in Black at sleepovers."

5. And another

"The Others is pretty eerie without being OTT." 

6. One to get them walking in your shoes (and you in theirs)

"Freaky Friday is great - a mum and daughter swap lives and bodies." 

7. One about GIRLS and GOALS 

"Whip It is a great film with a nice feminist angle."

8. Beautiful - sometimes surreal - philosophical fantasy

"I'm a big fan of Studio Ghibli. They are heart-stoppingly gorgeous films and hint on some really big, grown up themes, while still being very child-friendly! Princess Mononoke is all about the conflict between humans and nature, and Spirited Away is just fantastical - such an exciting story. It's about finding yourself, I suppose."

9. Guaranteed laughter (plus valuable talking points)

"Inside Out was funny, bright and sparky but also sad, bittersweet, poignant. It prompted a lengthy discussion afterwards about feelings and how we manage them, and how this changes as we grow. It had those hidden depths all the best Pixar films have."

10. Finally, one to get them questioning EVERYTHING

"The Truman Show - nothing upsetting, and interesting on many levels for older children."

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