When to hire a private tutor

Girl with private tutor

Schools are often brilliant at providing support for children in need of extra help, but sometimes additional help outside of the classroom can really boost your child's confidence as well as their grades. But when is the right time to think about hiring a private tutor?

Catching up, if your child has moved or missed school

Tutoring can help your child re-integrate after having some time off due to illness, injury, moving schools or other circumstances. In some cases, even missing a single topic at school can have a knock-on effect later, as your child may have missed a key skill that future topics build upon.

Our son, who's in year 11, has a maths tutor. His school teacher isn't very good and he has come on leaps and bounds since having some extra help.

This also applies to students who have recently moved school, as topics may be covered in a different order, or taught differently. Your child's new teachers will welcome the extra support with the transition.

Ask teachers to provide notes and details of what your child may have missed, or what they have covered so far. You can also provide a private tutor with details of what your child did in their last school. With these notes, the tutor can ensure your child is fully prepared to stay on track for success at their new school.

If your child has a learning difficulty or needs language support

Private tutoring is often used to supplement classroom learning for students that have a language barrier, especially if English is their second language, or if they have special educational needs. In more extreme cases, hiring a tutor with specific training and experience is essential.
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If your child is struggling in a particular area or topic

Sometimes the fast-paced nature of a classroom can leave a student who has not quite grasped a concept or topic behind. This can cause them to lose confidence in their ability to learn. If your child is finding one topic particularly challenging, short-term tutoring can be really effective. A private online tutor can help your child identify the sore spot, tailor lessons to suit their needs and address the 'blockage' head-on.

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To stretch your child's abilities

Home tutoring can be beneficial if your child would like to delve deeper into a particular subject. A tutor can stretch your child's learning by providing a more in-depth, comprehensive view of a particular topic.

Our daughter benefited hugely from tutoring. It really gave her strategies for learning, and confidence. Private tutors often have their own specialist topics that they are passionate about. Using an online tutor, or in person is also ideal if your child wants to learn a subject or skill that isn't taught at school, from computer coding to the saxophone. Finding the right tutor for your child can make education fun, and preserve their love of learning.