Some work and some play: getting the balance right during school holidays

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Broadening your child's horizons

Combining work and play is the obvious answer to the question of how best to fill time during school holidays. New experiences are a vital part of your child's learning process, and you can link activities to things they've learnt in school, as well as doing holiday projects on a theme of their choice.


Should my child do school work during the holidays?

Rest and relaxation outside of term-time is vital, however, it's also important to keep your child's mind active to ensure they don't regress in their learning. This especially applies to children with any special educational needs, who should practise the skills they've acquired at school regularly.

Mumsnetter periwinkle007 advises "breaking it down in a few sittings", while HeavtMetalGlamourRockStar says: "my DS has no homework. He's playing in the garden, reading lots, finding out all about the human body at the Natural History Museum. He's doing lots of spontaneous learning, all driven by him."

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What about homework?

The holidays are there for children to recover from a busy term and develop as individuals, ready for their next challenge. However, it is generally preferable to get any homework that's been set out of the way early on in the break, to then allow for complete relaxation, rather than leaving it hanging over everyone until the last minute.



To tutor or not to tutor?

If your child is struggling at school, the holidays are a perfect time to boost their learning by enlisting the help of a tutor; when they are fresh and not tired at the end of a school day.

A good tutor will structure a learning programme tailored to your child's needs that will help develop confidence and provide a solid introduction to new topics due to be covered in the upcoming school term.


And one last tip - get organised

One of the best ways to make sure holidays are stress-free is to plan ahead in terms of buying any new stationery or school uniform, so you're not scrabbling around among whatever's left in the shops!


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