11-plus timeline explained

Girl studyingThe 11-plus process can be made much less complicated by getting organised early. Your first step should be finding out time frames and deadlines for the various steps involved. To give you a helping hand, we've put together the timeline below.

Year 4

  • This is your last opportunity to register for certain schools, so get applying.
  • Think about booking an assessment to determine your child's strengths and areas for development; this will be very useful in planning a work programme for them.

Year 5

  • The topics covered in Year 5 are the foundations for the 11-plus curriculum. It's a good idea to compare your child's school syllabus with its 11-plus counterpart to ensure all topics are being taught.
  • If certain topics are not being covered, then consider hiring a private tutor and making the most of the summer holidays.

Year 6

This is the key year for the 11-plus.

  • Autumn term: Tests for certain independent and grammar schools take place, and usually include verbal/non-verbal reasoning computerised tests, an interview with the head, and a written report from your child's current school. Don't panic if your child is not ready, as there are plenty of courses and helpful advice out there.
  • Christmas holidays: It's time for your child to get down to some proper revision. Again, it's useful to sign up for a revision course and/or get tutoring support. It's never going to be a popular time of year for revising, but at least there are lots of treats around when they've finished each stint.
  • Spring term (January): Exam time. Entrants will be tested on maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, and science for certain schools. Good luck!

What Mumsnetters say about preparing your child for the 11-plus

  • My DD2 is having tutoring for the 11-plus. She started last month and the exam is in seven months. ByTheSea.
  • My two DSC both had a few months of tutoring from a well-regarded local tutor and both passed their 11-plus exams. The tutoring was really about exam practice and learning how to think in the way that the 11-plus is looking to test. Beamur.
  • During Year 5 DS did about one and a half to two hours of work a week for the 11-plus. During the summer holidays he did an hour for five days a week. blametheparents


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