Secondary school education

Starting secondary school is momentous for your child – and you. The relatively cosy world of primary school is in the past; the change to secondary will bring new friends, and a few new parenting challenges. 

Study the advice from our Talk boards to help you through the journey from school applications to exams with minimum stress.


New GCSEs, AS-levels and A-levels explained


AS-levels and A-levels are gradually becoming entirely separate qualifications, and the GCSE grading system is being completely overhauled. Find out what these changes will mean for your children.

Exam survival tips

teen revising

Child taking exams = testing time for longsuffering parents. But don't stress: Mumsnetters' tips on how to survive revision and exams should help you pass with flying colours.

Choosing a secondary school

taking notes

Thinking about which secondary school to pick for your children? Get advice and support from parents who've been through it. 

Applying for secondary school


Admissions criteria doing your head in? Read our comprehensive guide to keeping your cool when applying for secondary school, or find out how to appeal against a school admissions decision by your local authority. 

What's next? Higher education and other options

If your teen's poised to leave sixth form or college in the next 12 months, you'll already be thinking about what follows. Weigh up the options and help guide them through the next steps.

Troubled teens

Troubled teen

Teens are hardwired to test boundaries and assert their independence as part of their transition into adult life. We've got tips if your teen is struggling with it all.