NOW CLOSED: Win bespoke play equipment worth £5000 for your child's primary school

Germolene's outdoor play competition

Want to be the most popular parent in the playground? To celebrate the importance of outdoor play, Germolene is offering Mumsnetters two chances to win a set of incredible play equipment for their child's primary school – worth a whopping £5,000 – plus six outdoor family games vouchers from Toys R Us worth £125 each

To support childhood development, Germolene Antiseptic Cream* is working with The Wild Network, a charity which encourages children to roam free and play wild. The Wild Network has created a community of organisations involved in making meaningful change to putting children in touch with nature. Their role is to provide more opportunities for outdoor play.

Outdoor play is an essential part of childhood development. The results of a new survey by Germolene (1) show the vast majority of parents (95%) recognise the many benefits of outdoor play, including physical exercise, social interaction and the development of cognitive skills. 72% of parents believe that experiencing occasional cuts and grazes during outdoor play is an important factor in childhood development.

However the survey also found that only 56% of children nowadays have the opportunity to play outside after school every day. That compares poorly with the experiences of their parents – 80% of whom said they enjoyed all manner of outdoor adventures when they were young. It's clear that more needs to be done on getting kids out in the fresh air.

Need more convincing? Germolene have rounded up some of the top reasons to get your kids outdoors:

Growing self-awareness

Outdoor adventures will develop a child’s understanding of healthy risk, helping them become more self-aware. Learning their limits and strengths will teach kids how to make decisions for themselves. All of which means parents should try and control those protective instincts and remember that the odd bump or scrape along the way is all part of growing up.

Boosting creativity

One of the best things about children’s minds are their vivid imaginations – all that fearless creativity! A recent study by Stanford University (2) has shown that being outdoors can boost this creativity, improve a child's attention span and enhance their performance on mental tasks.

Stress reduction

Stress is something we might typically associate with adulthood but there have been increasing reports of rising stress levels in children too. Research has shown (3) that being outdoors can help children reduce these feelings of anxiety, with stress hormones and blood pressure both found to fall after exposure to nature.

Building communication skills

Outdoor play provides the opportunity for children to practice valuable communication skills and understand the importance of teamwork; they are able to share ideas and knowledge, listen to their peers, take and give direction and become more understanding of others' needs.

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*Always read the label.

WIN – Germolene's Big Back to School Competition

Germolene Antiseptic Cream is working with The Wild Network charity as part of a campaign called ‘Celebrating Outdoor Play Everyday’. To celebrate this campaign, and get the whole family outside, Germolene is offering six lucky Mumsnetters Toys R Us outdoor family games vouchers worth £125.

What’s more, those who enter can also nominate a primary school of their choice to be in with the chance of winning one of two bespoke outdoor play equipment sets worth up to £5,000 each.

To enter, simply answer the question and submit the primary school of your choice below.

Germolene contains phenol and chlorhexidine gluconate. Always read the label.

This competition will close on 13 October 2017, you must be over 18 to enter and a resident of the UK. Full terms and conditions are available here and here.

(1) Survey of 2,000 parents, commissioned by Germolene, conducted by OnePoll in April 2017
(3) Gladwell, V. Brown, D, Wood, C. Sandercock, G., Barton, J. 2013. The great outdoors: how a green exercise environment can benefit all. Extreme Physiology & Medicine. Accessed at {Last Accessed July 2017}.