School runs that were memorable for all the wrong reasons: eight of the best

We asked Mumsnetters to share their school run horror stories - and the tales that came back were enough to bring any parent out in a sympathetic sweat. Brace yourselves...

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1. The one with the striptease

child car window 

"When I was a toddler, my mum had dropped my sister at school and was kneeling on the back seat strapping me in when the door swung shut on a fold of her dress. Child locks on the windows and doors in the back of the car meant there was nothing she could do but take her dress off, crawl into the front seat and get out in just her underwear to open the door and retrieve it."

2. The one with the maths (and biology) lesson

cher driving 

"My five-year-old was in the back of the car with his six-year-old brother. He piped up: 'so mummy, you've had sex two times'. This was not good for my driving."

3. The one with the Houdini attempt

"I locked myself and my daughter in the back of the car. I had to knock on the window to get a passing mum to release me."

4. The one with the unauthorised passenger


"I've got to school before to find that, in the commotion of getting everyone in, we've managed to bring the cat in the boot." 

5. The one where it's all too quiet


"I had my son in the back of the car, clean, smart and ready for school. Son was a bit quiet which should have warned me. Got to school to discover he had found my make-up bag and smeared foundation all over his face, his hands, his uniform, his chair - the lot! I didn't realise how much those little bottles contain..."

6. The one with the drive-through


"That would be driving into my child's school and out the other side, without stopping to let him out."

7. The one with the vomiting child


"Once, when looking after my friend's kids, the three-year-old was sick in the car. Which would be bad enough in itself, except she was sick ON the baby."

8. The one with the WRONG child


"Having three children means the school run is always pretty hectic. One day I managed to buckle up the wrong child and drive off. It wasn't until my son asked me why were were taking Katy swimming with us that I realised. Luckily her mum was waiting for us with my daughter in tow and was pretty cool about it."

And finally: the one that didn't happen at all

paddington bear  

"The worst school run pick-up for me was when I forgot to do it. Cue frantic drive to school an hour later, full of shame, to see the kids sitting there like Paddington bear, all forlorn and forgotten about."

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