The school gate

back to schoolFrom school runs and teachers' gifts to class fundraising – here's our repository of useful tips and advice for the parents of any school-age children.

Latest: quick and easy after-school snacks


School life

From end of term gifts to lost property and playground politics, we touch on the day-to-day aspects of school life.

Road safety advice

Whatever their age, it's easy for kids to be distracted on their way to and from school. We look at tips for keeping them road safe.

School events

male pupil

Find out from other Mumsnetters the best ways to raise money for your school whether it's weekly cake sales or the annual summer fair.

How to teach your kids the importance of road safety

starting school

Don't know where to start? Here's how Mumsnetters have ingrained the all-important road safety message into the minds of the next generation.

The school run

child late morning

First minutes of every school morning a blur of chaos and recrimination? We have some ideas to help with that.