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Starting nursery or preschool

child preschoolPreschool is your toddler's first step into education. It's an exciting but nerve-wracking time, for both of you.

From deciding the best option for your child, through the application process, to preparing your little one for starting at nursery – get advice and tips on making the transition from home a smooth one.



Choosing a nursery school

child playing number puzzle

Daunted by the decision of which nursery to pick for your child? Get advice and support from parents who've been through it. 

Nursery schools in your area

girl at nursery school

If you're finding it difficult to sift through the options available, ask local parents for the inside info on preschools in your area.

Applying for nursery school

nursery boys playing

First things first: understand the application process to help secure your child a place in the nursery of your choice.

Starting nursery or preschool

Ease your child's transition into education, by letting them know what to expect from preschool and alleviating any nerves early on.

Separation anxiety

Toddler hiding behind mother's legs

Going to nursery is a time full of change (for children, and parents) – it's no wonder everyone can get a bit wobbly. Find out how to help your child adjust.

How to teach your child to read

mother and son reading book

Get your child interested in reading from an early age with the help of our recommended children's and picture books. 

Returning to work

mother going to work

It can be difficult facing the parenting-plus-work scenario, so we've got lots of tips to help you with your own transition.