Higher education - university and college

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If your child's fast approaching the end of school or college, it's time to think about next steps.

Whether they've their heart set on a specific degree or are still figuring out a plan, it's a long and sometimes challenging process from decision making to completion. Find support in our expert advice from parents and teens who've been through it all and come out the other side.



Leaving home

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The day will come for your child to fly the nest, but it helps to set them on their way with a few life skills and top tips for independent living.

Student finance

saving for university

Figure out what financial help is available and how to apply, and then point your teen in the right direction for looking after their own bank balance.

Results, and what's next

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Once the waiting's over, your teen will finally know whether they've made it into their choice of university or college course. If they haven't made the grade, here's help for guiding them through the Clearing process.

Mature students

adult studying

It's never too late to go back to school. Find out how you can fit studying in with work and family life, and why it could be a great move.

Exams and revision

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Exam season is a testing time for students and parents. But fear not – you can all get through the stress without wrangling or ructions, with tips from MNers who have been there, and survived.

Applying for higher education

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There's a vast array of courses available to students in the UK. From narrowing down subject choices, to deciding where to go, see what the options are and how your teen can apply.