The ultimate school uniform shopping list

Buying new school uniform needn't be a chore - shop online for all the essentials with these tried and tested choices for every budget

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sainsburys school shirt
next school shirt

Tu at Sainsbury's shirts, from £4

Available for ages 3-16 in white or blue

"I rate Sainsbury's for shirts and pinafores. Reasonably priced, often reduced if you catch them at the right time and they have lasted wonderfully."

Next Oxford shirts, from £6

Ages 3-16, long or short sleeve

"My son's original shirts were Next (tall and thin like him). They are still going strong nearly two years later despite many, many washes as well as soaking and bleaching ink and school dinner stains out. They are just a bit small now, but fine to hand down to my daughter next year."

Jumpers and cardigans

Supermarket Upmarket

Matalan cardigans, from £3

Ages 3-13 in black, blue, navy, brown, purple, green, red and burgundy

"Don't discount Matalan for its uniform. My daughter is still in a cardigan which she's had for two years and it's only now that it is looking tired."

John Lewis school jumpers, from £8

Ages 3-16+ in grey, navy, black, green, blue, red and maroon

"I tend to go for John Lewis as they size big and wash well, so you can often get more than one year's wear out of them. On average my son's jumpers have lasted around two years."

Polo Shirts

Supermarket Upmarket
asda polo
polo shirt

Ages 2-16 in blue, white, green, navy, red, purple, yellow and black

"Both my children prefer the thinner Asda polos, which last well."

John Lewis Teflon Shield polo shirts (pack of 2) from £7

Ages 3-16 in red, blue, yellow and white

"John Lewis are the softest after umpteen washes. I need to 'whiten' them as they seem to grey out quickly - but I do have a child who rolls in dirt daily."


Supermarket Upmarket
asda trousers

Asda Stretch straight leg trousers, from £7

Ages 8-18, black

"I get uniform from Asda - they do stretchy trousers for girls which I find fantastic if your child is active as they tend to be a more flexible fit. I had a nightmare trying to get trousers for my daughter until I discovered these."

M&S Crease Resistant Adjustable Waist slim leg trousers (pack of 2) from £11

Ages 2-16+ in black or grey

"I buy M&S trousers for my ultra skinny, tall son because I can get 'long' with the waist adjuster."


Supermarket Upmarket

Tu at Sainsbury's pleated skirt (pack of 2) from £7

Ages 3-12 in navy, grey and black

"You can get away with cheaper supermarket brands. My daughter has some Sainsbury's skirts, which are fab."

Next pleated skirt, from £5

Ages 3-16 in navy, grey and black - longer length available

"My daughter is very tall and very slim, and Next was the only place I could get her a school skirt that was long enough, and had an adjustable waist. The quality is good."


Supermarket Upmarket

Tu at Sainsbury's school shoes, from £15

Various sizes and styles available

"My son prefers the Sainsbury's shoes and so do I. They are easy to clean the mud off and still look new."

Ricosta school shoes, from £19.50

Various sizes and styles available

"The quality is so much better. Mud just slides off. The leather is so soft that there are no worries about blisters, and the sole is flexible allowing feet freedom of movement. The patent leather still looks like new after a good few months of wear."

Don't forget...

Shorts Summer dress

M&S school shorts (pack of 2) from £8

Ages 2-14 in grey, navy and black

"Shorts last longer than trousers as they don't go through at the knee and they aren't outgrown as quickly, and if they are on the large side there is no hem at the heel to get ruined."

Asda gingham dress, from £4

Ages 3-14 in blue, navy, red, pink and green

"At our local school the girls all seem to start in September wearing the summer dresses which I hadn't bought for my daughter. I popped out to buy one only to discover that blue gingham dresses in age five are like rocking horse s**t in September. I couldn't even get them online, everywhere was out of stock. Now I buy them (a size too big) in June so I'm ready for them starting back after the summer."

Coat Tights

North Face Stormy Rain Triclimate jacket, from £72

Various sizes and styles available

"I personally think a fleece with a waterproof jacket works best. If it is cold and wet they wear both, if just wet they can wear the jacket only."

John Lewis cotton tights (pack of 2) from £6

Ages 2-15 in grey, navy, black, green, red, white and brown

"John Lewis tights are the best. Bit more pricey but they don't shrink. Buy lots now. And buy the next size up as well. They are as rare as hens' teeth come the cold weather."

And finally - label everything!

"I use the iron-on transfers (they're like tattoos) from Easy2Name." 

Get an exclusive 10% off all Easy2Name labels with the discount code MN-E2N.

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