Education during the Covid-19 crisis

We surveyed 823 Mumsnet users with at least one school-age child to find out parents' thoughts on home-education during this crisis and their main concerns about how this is affecting their children

Asked about home education:

  • 39% would send their children back to school as soon as they reopen
  • 11% say they're not doing any formal home education
  • 34% say there's not enough time in the day to home educate as well as they would like
  • 26% are focusing on life skills rather than academic learning
  • 64% say their children are spending more time on screens

Many parents have been worrying about the impact of lockdown on their children:

  • 56% say their children are struggling with not seeing their friends
  • 19% say their children are anxious about coronavirus
  • 50% say they're struggling with home educating their children
  • 67% are concerned about their children's mental health during lockdown
  • 68% are concerned about their children's education