Back to school essentials

Back to school essentials

Dread the back to school panic every year? Well worry no more. Tesco asked Mumsnetters to rate their new F&F school uniform to make the September rush that little bit easier.

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Tesco school uniform has won the Mumsnet Rated award. 262 Mumsnet users tested the Tesco F&F school uniform range: 82% would buy again and 75% would recommend. Read on to see their thoughts…

Back to school essentials

White teflon polo shirts, from £3.50
Tesco polo shirts

“Paint and bolognese stains came straight out of the polo shirts and I thought they were excellent value for money.”

Boys' trousers, from £7
Tesco boys' trousers

“These fit really nicely. The trousers are a little long in leg, but my son is short … so should last as he grows a little. The reinforced knees are very good and he feels confident to play in them. He likes them – he usually moans about not being able to wear tracksuit style ‘soft’ trousers, as he calls them.”

Girls' trousers, from £6
Tesco girls' trousers

“I like the various cuts of the trousers and the fact we can choose. Fashion is about the narcissism of small differences and this range has plenty, My older daughter was so impressed I had to go back and get some for her, the boys’ ones actually. I would definitely look here again. I like the eco claims and, while more expensive than some, they seem to be long lasting and well made.”

V-neck jumpers two pack, from £6
Tesco V-neck jumpers

“Really happy with the quality. I don't think any of the items will need replacing until they're too small – even then they will likely be passed down to younger siblings.”

Two-pack sweaters, from £6
Tesco sweaters

“The jumpers are incredibly soft and fluffy on the inside which my little man absolutely loved. I’ve washed them a handful of times and there has been no colour fade and they are still really soft inside. They fit perfectly and I’m told they are really comfortable and not restricting in any way at all.”

Skirts, from £5
Tesco skirts

“Quality was one of the real strengths of the items I bought (skirts and trousers), they seem to be well made and have washed and worn well over the past fortnight. I have high hopes that they will be grown out of before they start to fall apart.”

Two pack slim fit white shirts, from £4
Slim fit white shirts

“The shirts have a good thickness to them so again I think they will last until outgrown or discoloured.”
“Shirts washed very well, any stains came out and there was no distortion to size or fit.”

Every item in the F&F school uniform range has a 100-day guarantee, so your kids can really put their new threads to the test.