5 ways to use up leftover Easter chocolate

Yes it *can* happen. But don't bin any surplus bits of Easter egg - try them in these simple seasonal recipes

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Easter chocolate fudge

Melt down one large Easter egg, mix it with some condensed milk, some currants and whatever else you fancy et voila - Easter fudge.

Chocolate saucisson

Why not try this easy chocolatey-biscuity-buttery fridge cake, which you wrap in cling film to make a sausage shape?

Easy chocolate trifle

Double cream, muffins, milk chocolate... what's not to like?

Chocolate chip cookies

Refrigerate your leftover Easter eggs, then chop them up to make chips for these chocolate chip cookies.

Chocolate nests

The classic. Just add Shredded Wheat. Or Cornflakes. Or Rice Krispies. Put an (optional) mini-egg on top and you're done!

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