Mumsnet legends: the tale of the sinister Easter bonnet

The best Easter bonnet, ever


'Twas Easter time, many moons ago, and our heroine Docket had recently given birth to her second son. As if that weren't enough, the dreaded Easter bonnet competition at her PFB's school was looming.

"My son loves foxes, so I thought it would be fun to make an Easter bonnet with a fox chasing some chicks," she announced to Mumsnet. 

Good plan, Docket. Everyone loves chicks.


"However, the finished article looks a bit scary, and having viewed some hats online, I am wondering if this is in fact completely inappropriate."

MNers' curiosity was piqued, and Docket was persuaded to upload a photo of the bonnet in question.

"He is in reception so this is my first brush with bonneting," she sobbed in a sleep-deprived mess.

"I am coming to the conclusion I've got it all wrong. Please go easy: I'm sooo tired."

But there was no need for self-doubt. Mumsnet was - to a woman - on her side.

Sinister fox bonnet

"Look at the EYES on the chicks! They're TERRIFIED! Nice work," cheered ItsAllaBitNoisy

"The look of pure evil on the fox's face is the stuff of nightmares. Will blow the other insipid offerings involving bought yellow chicks and artificial flowers out of the water," added giddly, giddily.

"The chick on the left knows all he has to do is outrun the one on the right," noted dillinger - "what a little bastard he is."

"That's the best bonnet I have ever seen!" cheered littledawley. "By a country mile," spluttered Lionstar, "you HAVE to send it in."

Docket resolved to do precisely that.

"Thanks so much for all the kind comments! This time yesterday I was worrying about it being completely inappropriate. Of course, it probably IS completely inappropriate - but I feel better about it."

Alas, later that day: "I sensed some disapproval from my son's (slightly po-faced, it must be said) teacher."

Don't worry Docket, a true artist is rarely appreciated in her lifetime.

People looking at the bonnet

"He did get a certificate and a mini Creme Egg though, and will be at a different school next year: the FrightHelmet will ride again..."

Happy Easter one and all!



The original sinister bonnet may no longer be with us, but it lives on in Mumsnet legend - and our very own TrishMumsnet reprised the joy for her DS' bonnet a few years later. 

Another sinister bonnet

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