Lidl Easter egg cakes

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Bored of the same old Easter treats? Be unique this year with these egg-cellent Lidl Easter egg cakes.

Super-fun to make and deliciously miniature - the cakes are baked inside actual egg shells! Experiment with lots of different colors and amaze the kids with these #LidlSurprises.

Watch the two-minute video below to find out exactly how to make them - why not even start a family tradition? 




Get all your ingredients from Lidl at a lower cost than you'd think - simply head over to your nearest store and pick up the following:

100g Morning Fresh West Country Butter with sea salt - get a 250g tub for £1.29

100g Belbake Self Raising Flour - get a 1.5kg bag for £0.54

100g Fairtrade Caster Sugar - get a 1kg bag for £0.89

Add some colour with Belbake natural food colouring - get a 38ml bottle for £0.78

12 medium free range British Eggs - £1.58

Total cost = £5.08


Method (makes 12)

1. Rub 100g butter into 100g sugar, then add 100g self raising flour and the 1 beaten egg. Divide the mix between three containers and add food colouring - the brighter the better!

2. Adult hands needed to start with - using a sharp knife, corkscrew or pin, break a whole in the top of your eggs and pour out the inside.

3. Rinse the shell out with warm water and pop on a muffin tray lined with tin foil. It's a good tip to rinse the clean egg shells round with some olive oil, to prevent sticking.

4. Pour in your cake mix until each shell is about two-thirds full.

5. Bake for 12-15 minutes in an oven pre-heated to 180 degrees.

6. Once out, and cooled, peel off the shell (and any of the cake mix which has spilled over!) and voila! Leave them as they are or...

7. Decorate the cupcakes by cutting them up any which way, then mix and match colours and pop pieces back together with some butter icing. Add silver balls, edible glitter or sprinkles for extra pizzazz.

Happy baking!


Have they eaten them all already?

Why not try them on an Eggstraordinary egg hunt wth Lidl's Henrietta Easter egg hunt game.



A Mumsnet original recipe, sponsored by Lidl  



Last updated: about 3 years ago