Easter weekend: what's the plan?

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FOUR DAYS OFF! Here's how Mumsnetters are going to spend it...

easter egg hunt

Chocolate. Because CHOCOLATE. 

"Our own Easter celebrations comprise the usual roast lamb, egg hunt -  and afternoon chocolate coma.

"I give Lidl chocolate lollies to my class."

"Any chocolate left over we melt down and put on crispy cakes or make biscuits."


Leftover chocolate? Are you insane?

"We have the ceremonial Baking of the Left-over Chocolate Egg Victoria Sponge, which is my favourite bit." 

Better, surely, to scarf it all and walk it off?

family in rain

"No traffic jams, very cheap and enjoyable."


Can't face a walk? Get out in the garden for the first time since last summer

muddy garden

"We normally spend Easter Saturday in the garden (as long as it's sunny)." 


Maybe even get a little spiritual sustenance...

easter church

"I like to tell my children the Easter story so they don't grow up thinking it's just about chocolate!"


Go all Gwynnie with an Easter tree plus artisan decos 


"We spent a day making them, a day painting them and then a day covering them in glitter. Pretty good considering a two-year-old was involved."

Claim this lovely Easter tradition for your own...

easter egg hunt

"We've got pictures of the kids every year with the same little wicker baskets, now looking teeny tiny in their hulking great almost-teenage hands." 

...or shock the family (and yourself) by finally picking up that drill

sarah beeny

"We use Good Friday as a day to get lots of jobs done."


If in doubt, the first rule of Easter is... there ARE no rules


"I tell everyone they can choose one thing to put on the menu and we just go for it. One year, we had roast beef, mac and cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, tacos, fruit salad, and Yorkshire puddings."



More Easter fun

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