10 ways to crack Easter

Mumsnetters give us their best tips for making the most of the Easter weekend

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1. Eat chocolate. A lot of it.

Boy collecting Easter eggs

"Our own Easter celebrations comprise the usual roast lamb, egg hunt -  and afternoon chocolate coma."

"I give Lidl chocolate lollies to my class."


2. If (amazingly) you do have any left over, make something with it.

"Any leftover chocolate we melt down and put on crispy cakes or make biscuits."

"We have the ceremonial Baking of the Leftover Chocolate Egg Victoria Sponge, which is my favourite bit." 


3. Get out and about

Family in raincoats

"If the weather is fine, off we set with the dog. No traffic jams, very cheap and enjoyable."

"We normally spend Easter Saturday in the garden (as long as it's sunny)." 


4. Channel your artistic talents (such as they are) 

Girl making Easter tree

"We spent a day making an Easter tree, a day painting the decorations and then a day covering them in glitter. Pretty good considering a two-year-old was involved."


5. Don't forget to capture family moments

"We've got pictures of the kids every year with the same little wicker baskets, now looking teeny tiny in their hulking great almost-teenage hands." 


6. Shock the family (and yourself) by finally picking up that drill

Sarah Beeny

"We use Good Friday as a day to get lots of jobs done."


 7. Enjoy a slap-up Easter lunch with friends and family

Easter table

"I tell everyone they can choose one thing to put on the menu and we just go for it. One year, we had roast beef, mac and cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, tacos, fruit salad AND Yorkshire puddings."


8. EVERYONE loves a good egg hunt

Boy on Easter egg hunt

"I will do an egg hunt for the kids - lots of little foil-wrapped eggs and then one bigger egg hidden somewhere in the garden. Unless it is raining, in which case I might have to hide them in the house instead."


9. Mix things up with an Egg Roll

"We always paint hard boiled eggs on Easter Saturday and then go and roll them down the hill on Easter Sunday morning." 


And - one final tip from the folks at Lidl  

10. Get competitive and challenge the kids to a game

Play Henrietta's Lidl Easter Egg Hunt for the chance to win loads of prizes including an iPad Mini.

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