Easter recipes

Easter is a great time for dining together - all the fun of a special occasion family meal, without the hassle of presents or frigid winter temperatures (we hope)

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This year, Easter falls on 27 March, and while it doesn't involve the same intensive effort as Christmas, there are still plenty of crowd-pleasing recipes you can work on during the long Easter weekend if you've got family and friends to feed. 

And if you happen to have a special Easter recipe that you make every year that we don't have listed, please share your recipe so we can all have a go.

Easter Treats

Sick of Easter eggs? Expand your confectionary horizons this Easter with these recipe ideas - great to make with the kids over the break, or to give as a gift.

Simnel cake

Simnel cake

Easter biscuit

Spicy Easter biscuits

Chocolate nests

Chocolate nests

Hot cross buns

Hot cross buns

Easter bunny biscuits

Easter bunny biscuits

Easter fudge

Chocolate Easter fudge

Iced biscuits

Iced Easter biscuits

Lemon drizzle cake

Lemon drizzle cake


Easter cupcakes

Easter lunch recipes

For many, Easter's not complete without a lovely leg of lamb. Here we've got some show-stopper recipes for those who love to eat traditionally on the holiday, plus some alternatives to red meat too. 

Roast lamb

Greek lamb

Mango-glazed lamb

Mango glazed leg of lamb

Salmon salad

Warm salmon and spinach salad

Salmon with parmesan crust

Salmon with parmesan crust

Lamb stew

Passover lamb stew

Spinach pastry pie

Spinach pastry pie


Easter baking

A while back we invited master baker Dan Lepard into MNHQ for a webchat and bake day to make hot cross buns and answer questions about yeast, breads and baking. The results were legendarily brilliant, so we bring them out every year at about this time.

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