Getting it Right for Children When Parents Part


Getting it Right for Children When Parents Part is an online course developed by OnePlusOne to teach separated parents five tried-and-tested communication skills that will help make parenting apart easier - and minimise the negative effects of separation on children.

Most parents who separate want to limit the upset felt by any children involved. But even when you're focused on doing things right, the stress involved in a separation can make even the day-to-day stuff seem difficult to arrange. Emotions run high and communication is tricky, so some parents will organise things through the kids, putting them in the middle of adult conflict.

Watch this short user video to find out what the course involves:


Signing up is easy, and you can work through the course at your own pace depending on the time you have – complete one family at a time or all five in one session.

Just head to The Parent Connection, register and click on the Programmes tab to get started.

TheParentConnection is a free online service developed by relationships charity OnePlusOne to help separating and separated parents with a range of issues. Developed with mediators and family lawyers, it helps parents manage emotions better and gives them the skills and practical tools needed to create successful care arrangements after separation.

Last updated: about 3 years ago