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Lacking funspiration this summer holiday? Here are some quick and easy projects using foam and card to brighten up those thumb-twiddling days. 

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Foam bookmarks

You'll need: foam shapes, lollipop sticks, stick-on eyes, sequins, glue

1. Paint a small amount of thinned PVA glue onto the surface of the lollipop stick to seal.

2. Once dry, your DC can write their name on one end with the marker.  

3. Decorate the butterfly shapes by gluing on sequins and wobbly eyes. Add self-adhesive letters and a foam skull to the star shapes. 

4. Glue the stick and foam shapes together then leave to dry. 

Foam picture frame

You'll need: foam shapes, glitter foam stickers, buttons, glue

1. Select two contrasting colour foam shapes. Use a ruler and pencil to mark the frame aperture on one, then cut with a craft knife. 

2. Use foam glue to stick the two shapes together, making sure to leave one side of the aperture un-glued for a photograph to slide in.

3. Decorate the picture frame with whatever you fancy - self-adhesive flowers, buttons, letters or stars; be as creative as you like! 

4. Add a flap of stout card to the reverse to form a stand.  

Balloon lollipop party favours

You'll need: foam shapesribbon, lollipops, glue, double-sided tape

1. Tie a short length of ribbon to each lollipop stick. 

2. Attach the self-adhesive stars to the balloon shapes and attach the lollipop with double-sided tape.  

Tip: Stand a group of lollipops in a tiny bucket filled with clean sand and place on the party table. 

Make (and play!) your very own fishing game

You'll need: a dowel, piping cord, white card, holographic card, acrylic paints, magnetic discs, organza, glue

1. Drip paint onto white card to form swirly, dotty and stripy patterns and leave to dry flat. 

2. Cut five fish shapes from holographic card, add a circle of white card for each eye, then glue on a magnet to form the eyeball.

3. Trim the patterned papers and glue onto each fish. 

4. Wrap three magnets in organza and tie to one end of the piping cord. Tie the other end to the dowel and add a little glue to secure. 

To play: Hold the fishing rod at arms length and try to 'catch' as many fish as you can in one minute!


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