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How to make pom-pom bugs

These pom-pom bugs have a pleasing retro vibe - play around with different colours to make your very own fluffy circus!

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Suitable for: Beginners

Time to allow: 30 minutes

You will need:


To start...

Cut a base shape of foam to use as a platform for the bug to sit on. Secure a wire stick by weaving through the foam (this will enable you to make your bugs fly).

Beautiful butterflies

1. Cut chenille stems to make three pairs of legs and stick them to the base of the foam.

2. Cut four wing shapes from the foam - glue them to the base foam, leaving a gap for the body. 

3. Stick pom-poms onto the base for the body and head. Add the antennae, eyes and nose. Bend the wings and legs to shape. 

Creepy caterpillars

1. Cut the chenille stems to make five pairs of legs, then twist the legs around another chenille stem. Bend the ends to form feet then stick the chenille to the base foam. 

2. Stick a row of pom-poms onto the foam to form the body and head. 

3. Add the antennae, eyes and a nose. 

Fidgety frogs

1. Stick three pom-poms in a triangular shape on the foam, two at the front and one at the back. Stick three smaller pom-poms on top.

2. Bend four chenille stems, twist to form the feet and stick them in place. 

3. Cut an oval out of foam and stick it to the front of the frog to make the tummy. Cut out the foam for the head and attach the eyes. 

4. Stick the head to the top of the frog. Add a small pom-pom for the nose. Bend the wire to shape. 

Lovely ladybirds

1. Make in a similar way as the frog but using ladybird colours. 

2. Use a pom-pom for the head and black felt for the spots. 

Tip: Decorate a galvanised bucket with foam shapes. Place floral foam inside to hold the bugs in place. Layer coloured raffia or straw to finish. 


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